Boundary Posts

Derwent Valley Waterboard Post
Derwent Valley Waterboard Post

A couple of Sundays ago on Ranger Patrol I went along the East Track towards Howden Reservoir and took the footpath up Howden Clough on to Penistone Stile.

Close to the tiny reservoir I noticed this beautiful cast post placed on the northern side of the stream. The letters DVWB stand for Derwent Valley Water Board, the original builders and owners of the reservoirs in the Upper Derwent Valley.

I ran my hand over the surface, it was cool and smooth, I could imagine the foundry worker doing the same after it had come out of its sand cast and been polished. An unusual object to find in that location, the thing that struck me about it was the care that had gone in to the design and manufacture of something as mundane as a marker post. It reflects the design ethos of the dams and associated works down the valley. It was important to some one this looked right.

I guess it marks a boundary but I have no evidence for that. Perhaps it is the limit of the water company land or marks the reservoir as belonging to the company. Back at the Ranger Center we could find no reference to it.

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