Night Walking

Having a laugh on the Shepherds Meeting Stones
Having a laugh on the Shepherds Meeting Stones

I really like night time walking. The secret for me is not to make it an epic, not too long in distance or time and pick a place to walk to that has some significance.

The other night I went for a walk with friends up to The Shepherds Meeting Stones high above the Upper Derwent Valley. A couple of miles from the car park and only a little ascent. Met some friends who were out doing their own thing which made me think birds of a feather flock together and this was now my world, and one I find really exciting and rewarding. Work colleagues ask me what I did at the weekend and I say, went for a walk at night on the moors and they look at me as if I am mad. I ask them what they did and they say, stayed in and watched the telly, in a kind of sad, resigned way.

The good thing about a short night walk to a nice spot is that when you get there, there’s not much to see if its a bit clouded over. A spot with plenty of seating, grit stone is good for seating, crack out the flask and the food and sit and have a laugh. Intensifies the experience of friendship. Makes you focus on your friends rather than on the the scenery. Things like that stay in the memory.

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