Autumn on the Common

Nature put on a beautiful display this morning on the common. The sky had a broad undulating wave of cloud stretching from west to east. The cloud an Altocumulus undulatus, isn’t that a lovely name, hung like a roll of cotton wool just pulled from its packet. This type of cloud is formed when the air above and below move at different speeds, producing a shearing effect and giving us these soft billows of white fluffiness.

Autumn is starting to settle in now. The air is much cooler in a morning and the sun stays lower throughout the day. One of the nice aspects of autumn is the unexpected warmth the sun can give once out of the shadows. Sitting against some gritstone with the sun on my face and looking out across the Common is a pleasure I look forward to.

The Common has not started to produce its distinctive autumnal smell, decaying leaves, fungi, damp peat and earth, but it will not be long. The low sun gives a nice display of shadow lighting on the woodland floor. Streaks and dapples of sunlight dancing on the oak and beech leaves that carpet the woodland from last winter.

Author: Paul Besley

Writer I have spent most of my life escaping in to Britains National Parks and wilderness areas. I have grown to love the solitude it can bring and I like to share this with others either through guiding people or through my writing. I now spend half my life either as a ranger, guide or writer, involved with the natural landscape we are all a part of. It is these experiences that I wish to write and share about.

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