The Peak District Community

This last few days have seen me struggling with a heavy chest cold, one thats been lingering around for twelve weeks on and off, and that finally decided to show its full potential on Friday. I’d been out on a search the previous night and found it tough going getting up on to the tops, forcing my legs to keep going, sweating like a guy in a sauna even though the temperature was going minus. Anyway, the next day, the cold really took hold and that was it I wasn’t going anywhere soon.

I spent a lot of my time on Social Media, reading what people were up to. I decided this year to start afresh building my Facebook and Twitter feeds, to reflect the interests I have, the Peak District, walking, history, landscape. So I connect with people who do STUFF out in the Peak. I like the photos and the little reports posted on Facebook. People ask questions about this or that, answers get posted. Often debates start about the differing merits of a thing, a recent one on Parkin Clough saw almost 6000 people view the post and dozens of comments.

It feels nice. It feels like a community. We all have the same interests and importantly all view the Peak District with a sense of protection, that we are responsible, it’s us that must keep this place safe. Enjoying this amazing landscape comes at a price we all accept and the pay back is sheer enjoyment. Photos of peat sodden trainers, brew ups on frosty mornings, sunsets along gritstone edges. 

Social Media is changing the way we see and experience the outdoors, its no longer a private contemplation, it is a public celebration of a myriad adventures. 

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