Something new in Dark Peak Walks

New Packaging for Dark Peak Walks books
The new packaging for the Dark Peak Walks book.

I fully believe in adding value wherever I can. As a writer, I make my living by showing people something they may not be aware of, some interesting facts, beautiful walks, wonderful photos, being helpful wherever I can and generally spreading the message that outdoor walking is great, especially in the Peak District.

I earn money by selling my book and writing articles. I like to add value by being a little different. Anyone can sell something, but making that purchase special I think takes a different mindset. Lots of people have bought the book through our shop and that makes me feel a little emotional if I am honest. Being told that someone trusts the work is quite a powerful thing.

I sell my book Dark Peak Walks from our online shop at Wapentac. I know you can get it for less elsewhere. When you buy from me, you get more and hopefully that added value makes a difference. Whether it is the special gift wrapping the book now comes in, or collection on a rainy day in the Dark Peak, or some advice about a walk on Facebook or Twitter, or the general banter about walking in the Dark Peak, guidance on who best to go to for training, I think it all makes it unique. In the coming months I will add more to a purchase, to make it even more special. I hope this adds up to more than the sum of its parts, and that makes the pound or two extra worthwhile. If it does, thank you, really I mean that, because what you do helps me continue, and I very much want to do that, because I just love being involved in this community of walkers.

Happy walking.

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