Dark Peak Walks – Giving Back

See here’s the thing.

Some people who bought my book Dark Peak Walks published by Cicerone Press directly from me collected the book in person, either at the event or meeting me out in the Peak. But they had ordered the book online from Wapentac, our shop and paid for postage and packaging.

Some people bought the book from me that unknowingly had been allocated a book free for checking the walks or providing information. They also paid for the book and the postage and packaging.

Some people paid for the book, but I didn’t have change for the amount they gave.

At the time I asked people if they wanted the money back or would they prefer it to be donated to a charity like Mountain Rescue. Most, in fact all I think, said donate it.

So, having had a thought about this; I would like to propose the following.

If you want your postage and packaging back, then send me a private message on Facebook and I will refund via Paypal. No problem.

If you bought a book, but received a free one because you helped and want the money for the book and postage etc back then as above, private message me on Facebook. No problem.

If you want me to donate the money then DO NOTHING. I intend to channel the money one of three ways.

Way One

Donate the money to Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation, the umbrella organisation for the seven teams that cover the Peak District. Unfortunately, walking in the Dark Peak means sometimes coming a cropper and its these people, all volunteers, all unpaid, who get out of bed on a cold stormy winter night to find people and remove them from a place of distress to a place of safety.

Way Two

Donate the money to a footpath appeal run by the British Mountaineering Council. My books do have an impact on the environment, feet thudding down on peat and moorland. Anyone, who has seen the state of the footpath up Ringing Roger, now repaired with a sustainable surface with funding from the BMC, will understand the need for maintenance and in these times, its down to us to make it happen.

Way Three

There are some people or organisations who for whatever reason, cannot get out into the Peak District with a guidebook. There are also some who do fantastic things, picking up litter, volunteering, taking people out into the Peak District. Maybe they would like a book as a gift. I don’t know, but I would like to send them one free. You never know, it might just make a difference.

I don’t want to make a thing of this, so will not be announcing any gifts or donations, I will just give as I see fit.

So, if you want the money that I owe you to do some of these things then, DO NOTHING. Don’t private message me on FB. Then I will accept that as your approval to donate the money as a gift.

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