A few hours in the Peak District

Pennine Way
The Pennine Way from Snake Summit to Bleaklow Head, Peak District National Park

Alison and I are both busy at present but wanted to make sure we still managed to get out together in to the Peak District National Park. So we decided each week we would make the effort to go for a walk at least once, preferably early morning or late afternoon, then the rest of the day is good for doing what we need to do.

Late afternoon yesterday we took off for Higher Shelfstones near Bleaklow. Alison, who is a metalsmith, had never seen the wreck of the B29 plane and was interested in having a look and I fancied playing with my Jetboil. We walked in from Snake summit and cut across to Hern Stones as I always think approaching the wreck from the north produces the most impact on a first time visitor. Alison thought it like a scene from some Mars adventure, I was struck by how it reminded me of the film, Chronicles of Riddick.

At Higher Shelfstones we looked at all the graffiti. Some of it is so well carved in to the gritstone, it makes me wonder of the artists were stone masons perhaps. The more modern graffiti isn’t a patch on the old stuff.

We had tea by the trig. Alison had made pizza, mine heavily loaded with anchovy, and had sliced and stacked them three deep so it was like a triple decker, it was really nice. I got the Jetboil out then realised I had brought tea bags and milk but no water. So we sat and ate pizza and watched the sun setting over Glossop and Manchester.


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