Short Escapes – Peak District

Short escapes into the Peak District National Park are within reach of anyone. All it takes is a few hours after work for a walk.

Alison and I started to escape at the end of our workday a few months ago. So far we have had short escapes in the Dark Peak to the reservoirs around Bradfield, Burbage Valley, Higger Tor, Carl Wark, Stanage Edge, and last night Owler Tor.

The plan is simple.

  1. Pick a night when there will be a fair chance of a nice sunset
  2. Somewhere within 30 minutes or so of home
  3. Nice food for tea, or supper if you are posh
  4. Make sure we have a view.

A close watch on the weather is always good, so looking at the forecast a few days in advance of a planned escape. The place to eat should be facing west for the sunset and not too far from where we are. Food, is simple tasty and what we have in the cupboards.

  1. Picnic or cooking kit
  2. Insulated jacket to put on if need be, plus a head torch in case.
  3. Camera
  4. Phone for uploading pics to Social Media

We cooked last night, on our new pans from Alpkit which worked really well. Come 19:30 the sun was dropping and the temp started to fall, so on with the jacket. Eat, drink tea and chat whilst watching the sun set. We took photos and uploaded some to twitter and Instagram, it’s amazing where you can get 4G these days. I kept switching the phone from airplane mode to conserve battery power.

And we chatted. Both of us had a few busy days, as well as dealing with the occasional bit of tough stuff along the way. It was a nice way to unwind. A really nice way. Alison talked about new ventures and projects, it was lovely to just sit and listen. A few people were around doing the same thing I guess. The best was a couple with four dogs who sat on the edge of Owler Tor looking out to the sunset. The dogs all sat in a line, all facing west making a connection. A part of my day that had me a smidgeon upset, became settled and was no longer important.

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