Dark Peak Walk No.1

Walk No.1
Walk No.1 Dark Peak Walks, Chatsworth to Birchen Edge, Peak District National Park

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A beautiful walk with plenty to see and some superb vistas and photo opportunities. The walk is unusual in the Dark Peak having several pubs and cafes along the way and also starting and ending at one of the great country houses in Britain. A fine introduction to the Dark Peak.

Nelsons monument on Birchen Edge
Nelsons monument on Birchen Edge

Readers photos and comments

Nici Griffin – March 2017

Paul said “Oh that’s a nice gentle introduction”. He’s a Yorkshire man. What that translates to is “You’ll get muddy, it’ll be right windy, there’ll be a climb or three and as you’re a southerner you’re bound to get lost”. I decided to do the route in reverse for reasons I can’t understand myself so don’t bother asking. I had a brilliant day but I’m quite knackered now.

Brilliant photos Nici. Glad you had a brilliant day. For some reason I cannot fathom, its always great weather on that walk. Paul

Photos copyright Nici Griffin with permission.

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