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Col, Corinne and Luka

Excellent little guide! And full of clear information and first-hand knowledge. Good work.

Jim Perrin

Dark Peak Walks, is everything I hoped it would be – some great walks with lots of background information about the landscape, history and geology of the area.

Col Wood at Everyday Adventures

Just received the book; beautifully wrapped, can’t wait to sit in front of the fire and browse. Some cracking routes in here to do with the boy!

Mike Potts

Tonight study material, some cracking walks in here

Craig Carter

Now completed the first 10 Dark Peak Walks. Thanks and for the fantastic guide. Back for more after holiday!

Steve Wilson

The book is beautiful

Chris Blake

Meticulously researched, easy to follow guide, beautifully illustrated. A must have for walkers in the Peak District.

Barney Stone

Great walk and an enjoyable read.

Jon Sabine

Paul said “Oh that’s a nice gentle introduction”. He’s a Yorkshire man. What that translates to is “You’ll get muddy, it’ll be right windy, there’ll be a climb or three and as you’re a southerner you’re bound to get lost”. I decided to do the route in reverse for reasons I can’t understand myself so don’t bother asking. I had a brilliant day but I’m quite knackered now.

Nici Griffin

Just received this today and after just a quick flick through I cannot wait to start some new routes thanks to @paulbesleywriter for a great book.

Marcus Marsden

Paul. I’m so very impressed with your Dark Peak Walks book. I can’t wait to get out and start ticking them off. Congratulations!

Scott Robertson

So pleased with my copy of Dark Peak Walks. Paul, I love the whole layout along with your interesting historical, geographical and local information.

Gail Ferriman

Paul many thanks for producing such a great book. Lots more of inspiration within these pages. I never knew the name of the feature called Cotton Famine Road.

Ian Taylor

Just bought this book. Although I have done lots of walking in the Dark Peak this has shown me loads of walks I haven’t done….. so I’ll be trying some of these in the coming months.

Dave Jobling

Fab Mother’s Day present and thank you for writing so much Paul.

Louise Crawley

After an absolute dog of a day, only one thing to do, grab the mudclaws and head out onto the moors. Dark peak walks no. 32 cotton famine road as a run.

Paul Bridge on Dark Peak UK  

PB Walk 4 today and have been peat bog christened. Up to my shins in it on Rud Hill!
Was my 1st walk from the book and I really enjoyed it – the information and history included with each walk is wonderful to read as you walk along. Must invest in gaiters.

Hannah Bazley

Birthday presents don’t come much better than Dark Peak Walks Book

Troy Smith

Anyone looking to explore the Dark Peak this year, pick up a copy of  Pauls book Dark Peak Walks. Great walks from a few easy hours to full day adventures you might even fall in a bog or too.

Jon Sabine

Dark Peak Book at Stanage Pole
Dark Peak Book at Stanage Pole. Photo by Craig Carter. Used with permission
Julie Whiting and Bella
Julie Whiting and Bella enjoying the walk

Paul I’m in a coffee shop waiting to catch up with a walking group in Kettlewell. I confess yo only just reading the wonderful introduction to your book Dark Peak Walks ….. so apologies!

Ian Taylor

PB Walk 24 A great walk with stunning views. Great book Paul

Ann Pearsall

Wonderful little book. Packed with information and interesting facts. Easy to follow maps, some lovely photos that reflect the true character of the Dark Peak. The author clearly has a deep understanding and love for the area plus a great knowledge. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Graham Hodgson

Two for one today PB Walk 5 and PB Walk 6 Grindleford to Higger and Hathersage to Stanage. With the book for company turned into a great history lesson of the area.

Neal Hibbi

Note: (PB 5 and 6 are Walks 5 and 6 in the book, Dark Peak Walks. PB = Paul Besley)

Thoroughly enjoying the walks in your book. Did walk number 6 yesterday and only saw one fell runner all day. If it is OK with you I will post a reccomendation of your book on the facebook page I Love the Peak District.

Richard Newman

Received the book Paul and I have to say what a fantastic job you’ve done. There are so many walks I’ve not done, as well as a few of the classics. Instructions seem very concise, and include distances and grid refs where applicable, and lovely touch with the wrapping and script on the paper. The Wainwright of the Peak District.

Chris Robinson

Great book. All the right detail. It is a bucket list of the best of the Dark Peak. I can’t wait to tick them all off!

Rob. W

PB Walk 13 Great walk and I really loved the bit of social history in your book too – I always like to know about the human history of the Peak.

Liz Collier

I did PB Walk 1 today. Amazing.

Cozza Rick

I have recently purchased a signed copy of Paul Besley new book “Dark Peak Walks” and decided to take in one of the 40 walks in it.  We made our way to Grindleford Station as indicated in the text to complete the Grindleford to Higger Tor circular.  Its  a great little book and Paul has some great walks all around the Peak District and is well worth its money.

Jason Johnston

I was given your dark peak guide book thus morning for fathers day.

I’ve been meaning to rekindle that deep connection that I used to have with the dark peak and have been wondering where to start, and then wondering turned in to procrastinating. I’ve thumbed through the guide and it it was immediately obvious that this book was the catalyst I was after. Obviously most of the areas are familiar but my previous visits would of been shaped around trying to visit hill tops or trigs, your routes have a lot more depth and most cases offer up a very different route to ones I would of chosen myself.

So firstly thank you for producing something which I will get so much pleasure from and secondly it is a lovely, lovely thing. It’s beautifully done and I’m guessing will be something I’ll just become more and more fond of.

Daniel Simpson

Did pb walk 4 today and have been peat bog christened. Up to my shins in it on Rud Hill!
Was my 1st walk from the book and I really enjoyed it – the information and history included with each walk is wonderful to read as you walk along.

Hannah Bazley

Decided to be lazy today and let someone else do my route planning for me. So did PB walk 13 to Alport Castles, stunning walk and fantastic weather for it today. I may have sworn a little bit on the final climb though

Matt Booth

PB Walk 29 All in all just shy of 15 miles….and it must be said this is one of the most varied walks I have ever been on ….a bit of everything!!

Neal Hibbi

Okay, possibly showing my ignorance here but I’ve been noticing on a lot of posts the fact that people are doing PB 10, PB 12 etc. I’m assuming that this is referring to a guide book?? Could someone let me know which one please??

Jon Baldry

Dark Peak Walks by Paul Besley printed by Cicerone. I have read an abundance of similar books over the years but this by far, in my opinion, is ideal.

Kev Newbold

Hi Paul. Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our walk today. By far and away the highlight was just how much my son’s enjoyed themselves they wee enjoying it every bit as much as me if not more so. So often I feel like I’m cajoling them in to something they’re not massively keen on but the past two Sundays have been an absolute blast. I didn’t really use the guidebook whilst walking last week but we had loads of time today so I let my 10 year old lead the way following the instructions, when we were at the rear of the chapel and he realised where he was stood was the same as the one in your book it blew his mind…it was lovely honestly, he was almost starstruck and later on when we walked past the gritstones he recognised those as well and demanded the book to confirm what he was seeing was the one from the book. I managed to snap him posting and getting good really giddy, it looks contrived but he was going ‘look !…that’s those from the book’. Thanks again, really enjoyed it today. Daniel and his family walked PB Walk 5 Grindleford to Higger Tor

I used Paul Besley’s ‘Dark Peak Walks’ for the first time in February this year during a week based at Castleton, following the descriptions for walks 6, 24 and 25. The introduction to the book provided a concise and enjoyable discussion of the geology, wildlife and history of the area-reflecting the author’s deep, detailed first hand knowledge and passion for the area.
Each walk gives a clear account of the practical considerations and the recommended degree of navigational experience required- varying from walk to walk. Each route is neatly structured- balanced with historical and geological focal points along its respective course. The walk descriptions are simple and very straightforward to follow .
This is a wonderful compact guide to the wild beauty of this fascinating area. Paul Besley’s passion and knowledge for the Peak District is evident throughout  this book- valuable equally as a practical guide and as a worthy celebration of the Dark Peak as a whole.
                                                                                 Paul Weston
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