Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks – Peak District

Image of a B29 Superfortress engine on Bleaklow, in the Peak District National Park. Part of Walk No 20 in Dark Peak Walks
B29 Superfortress Engine on Bleaklow. Part of Walk No. 20 in Dark Peak Walks

Many of the walks in the Peak District National Park that are in the book Dark Peak Walks pass by or close to many of the aircraft wrecks that are on the moors. They make for an interesting navigational challenge and often a poignant reminder of the fragility of human life. Many aircrew survived the crash, but many did not. The wrecks in the Peak District National Park, range from a 1918 Tiger Moth to modern day planes. Many but not all, are military. RAF Mountain Rescue was based at Harpur Hill and played a vital role in rescuing aircrews. They also removed any sensitive equipment. Some sites contain a large amount of plane debris, others very little or none at all. Some sites are marked with a form or memorial, a simple cross, a plaque, others are unmarked and simply a very small pile of metal.

If you do make a journey out to a wreck, please act appropriately with respect for the site and do not remove any material.


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