Dark Peak Cabins

I love cabins. In the early to middle of last century “Cabining” was often part of a walk, either as a bothy or as a lunch stop. Most cabins in the Dark Peak are there to provide cover for Grouse Shooting parties during lunch.

I like to brew up in a cabin and sit and dream of the people who have been in the past. Alison and I once walked to the Ronksley Cabins on Christmas Day for our lunch. Snow and ice on the ground, blue skies and when we opened the door, a cabin full of people having their Christmas Dinner. That was a surprise. With no room at the Inn we had to spend lunch next door in the beaters cabin, the Ronksley cabins being one of the few that has a cabin for the paying guests and a separate one, open to the elements mind, for the beaters.

Above are ten photos of cabins, locations or huts. Can you identify which ones they are and where. If you think you know, write it down in the comments section, numbering them one to ten. Hover the cursor over the picture for the number.