Its 7:30am on a beautiful Sunday morning and spring has finally arrived. Winter is hanging on by the finger tips, photos from friends in the Lakes and Scotland showing fresh falls of snow, but here in the Dark Peak snow has long since gone.

Feels likes its been a long wet dreary winter here, no real snow to talk of, not like last year when I post-holed my way around Howden Moor with a friend, on a blue sky and white landscape day. That was a good winter. Two good winters in succession the previous year bringing a walk with fifteen foot snow drifts in Dovedale and no walls to mark the way, guiding a group who thought it was just great fun.

I am off out with the dogs to do a walk that my mind found just the other week, although I have walked this area many times. It suddenly occurred to me that it would be a good walk to include in the book, and there were no thoughts of keeping it to myself. Sometimes there are, then I have the internal debate on whether or not to divulge some of the secrets of the Dark Peak. I opened my mouth about a secret not long back and immediately knew I had done wrong. Some things should remain closed inside.

But not today.